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Exterior painting is a lot more than just maintenance. Applying a quality paint job on a house does more than simply improve its overall aesthetic. A quality paint job will protect a home from the elements thus increasing overall longevity and decreasing the need for repairs. Plus, if your house is for sale, it will Read more

What is Stucco Before working on fixing your stucco cracks, let’s start with a little history lesson. Stucco as a building material has been around since before the days of Plato and Alexander the Great. This is not only a testament to the simplicity of the design, but also to its practicality and capabilities. There Read more

A New Home, the Ultimate Surprise Jason and Andrea are your typical young homeowner couple. Newly-married, they’ve just purchased their first home. As one of the first major investments of their life, their budget was naturally limited. That’s why they had to prioritize. They fell in love with the interior of a house in Niagara, Read more