Exterior painting in Moncton for instant and cost-effective curb appeal

Thanks to our advanced industrial-strength coatings and spraying technique, we deliver a wide-range of exterior painting services all over the Greater Moncton area that will transform the look of your home and instantly boost curb appeal. In just one day, the Spray-Net Moncton team can spray and transform:

  • Aluminum and vinyl siding
  • Stucco and hardie board
  • Brick
  • Aluminum and vinyl windows
  • Aluminum and metal front and garage doors
  • Soffits, fascias, eavestroughs and shutters


Coatings for all climates

When it comes to exterior painting, Moncton’s warm humid summers and nearly subarctic winters require a coating that can withstand and adapt to temperature fluctuations. For best results and super protection against the elements, all Spray-Net exterior paints are formulated with extreme temperature adaptability. No matter the surface we’re painting, our coatings result in a finish that resists peeling, chipping, cracking and warping.

The best exterior paint for your vinyl siding

Many of the homes in the typical Moncton neighbourhood are covered in vinyl siding. Originally only available in a limited amount of colours, much of the vinyl siding in the area looks tired and dated. Our team of pro exterior spray painters can paint your vinyl siding and revamp your façade in a variety of eye-catching, trendy colours! Formulated with UV-BLOCK technology, our exterior paint for vinyl blocks harsh UV rays to prevent excessive heat build-up and warping of even dark colours. The result is a factory hard, weather-resistant finish that prevents peeling, scratches and scuffs to keep your vinyl siding looking flawless and new year after year!


A turn-key residential exterior painting service in Moncton

From initial prep to end-of-day clean-up, we handle every step of your residential exterior painting project. Our turn-key service includes:

  • Pressure washing aluminum and vinyl siding at high speed to get rid of all powder and chalk build-up
  • Pressure washing stucco and masonry at the optimal pressure to prevent damage to the surface while removing encrusted dirt and debris
  • Fixing minor repairs such as dents in siding and hairline cracks in stucco

A clean renovation with peace of mind

We carefully mask all necessary surfaces on your home, including shrubs, flowers, patio furniture and decks to ensure a tidy renovation. To limit the amount of overspray in the air, our professional exterior spray painters are trained to use a specific spraying technique which ensures that paint ends up on the surface and not in the air. All of our eco-friendly, water-based coatings are formulated with unique Dry-Fall technology, which causes paint particles in mid-air to simply dry up and fall to the ground in powder form. We do a final clean-up and make sure there’s no trace our team was ever on-site at all… except for your newly revamped home of course!


Your exterior painting project in Moncton is guaranteed!

Our coatings and spraying technique allow us to guarantee all of our projects. Whether you’re painting your front door or painting your exterior siding, you benefit from a 15-year warranty against peeling and a 10-year warranty against premature fading. Free of any weather-related conditions and easily transferable to future property owners, our warranty provides you with prolonged customer service… even after our team has left your home!

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