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A Cost-Effective Alternative to Replacement: Boost your Curb Appeal Now!

Sidings age, and it’s okay. Why are you feeling so down? Is it because replacing costs so much money? Let me tell you about our permanent painting solution.

Cost-effective and long-lasting, it is the alternative to replacement.



Who are we?

Sidings come in many different styles: Hardie board, vinyl, stucco, aluminum, brick… Why should the paint come into a single “one size fits all” solution?

We thought it was a lose-lose situation for both the exterior painting company and the customer, and that’s why we decided to look into science.

Exterior Painters in Foothills-Bow River

See, we believe in providing you with a permanent factory finish. Regular commercially-available paints did not allow us to do so, and so we decided to hire chemists in order to create our own exclusive line of proprietary paints and coatings.

In other words, Spray-Net will create a custom paint for your project. That means high-performance weather-adjustable coatings designed specifically for your house.


What do we do?

Spray-Net offers a wide range of exterior painting services in the Foothills – Bow River region:

  • Brick
    • Unlike regular latex paint, our exterior brick stain is extremely breathable and allows water vapor to pass through the brick to prevent cracking, blistering and peeling.
  • Doors & Windows
  • Eavestroughs / Gutters
  • Soffits & Fascias

Why choose Spray-Net?

No Middle-Man

From the moment your book you free estimate with us to the day of your revamp, we believe in collaborating together in order to provide you with the ultimate exterior painting experience.

From formulation to application, we do it all! No middle man = less complications.

Spray-Net, it’s a hassle-free, one-stop service.


Dissatisfied with the regular paints and coatings, we decided to challenge the status quo and to bring science and chemistry into the equation.

The result? A premium quality paint that actually competes with replacement, at a fraction of the cost.


Our software, the Spray-Network, was developed to help us reach the highest degree of precision. We believe in using technology to test, observe, analyze, and optimize our product.

The goal? To always deliver the best results to our customers.


Your stucco siding has some hairline cracks? Our elastomeric paint takes care of that. Whatever the type of siding, our projects are backed by a 15-year warranty against peeling as well as a 10-year warranty against premature fading.

Stop fearing tomorrow, and start enjoying today. Every single day.

Where do we operate?

Our exterior painters will paint your house and boost its curb appeal all over the Foothills – Bow River region.

How much does it cost?

It all starts with a free estimate: we come evaluate the surface you would like to paint and offer you a detailed analysis of the costs associated with your project.

  • A Spray-Net revamp is a fraction of the cost of replacing, and it is guaranteed 15 years.
  • The return on your investment is immediate: the immediate boost in curb appeal outweighs the cost of the project.


Our exterior painting services

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