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Can aluminum siding be painted? 

Painting aluminum siding is actually our most popular and requested service. Painting exterior aluminum siding has become very popular because it was the siding installation of choice in the 60s and 70s; decades later the aluminum siding is still in good condition but the paint coating has probably faded or in some cases totally disintegrated. Thanks to our experience from hundreds of homes, we were able to find the best products for the painting of aluminum siding. In addition, we have acquired specific methods of applying this paint to the exterior siding that allows a smooth factory finish while significantly reducing paint fumes that could damage surrounding objects.

As with any exterior siding painting project, we begin with a high pressure wash using our dual-rotary head nozzle to remove all the dirt and powder left behind from the old paint (as shown on the video). If there is caulking to replace, planks to be changed, holes or dents to be repaired we do that. Our exclusive paint additive was actually created for aluminium painting as it is impossible to remove 100% of the pwder from the surface. For this reason we have created a paint additive that significantly promotes adhesion even to powdery surfaces. All surfaces that are not to be painted are then masked and we are finally ready to begin the transformation of your home.

Our specialized spray guns can atomize the paint into fine particles, creating an unparalleled finish. In addition, the ceramic microspheres in the paint allow a matte finish with a touch of luster, giving your exterior siding a finish like new which is easy to clean and scratch resistant. The exterior paint will never peel, will not powder or become dull over time and is guaranteed for 10 years. With the dry film thickness of paint coating that will be applied to your aluminum siding (possible by spray), it will easily last more than 20 years all at a fraction of the of the  cost of a replacement.

*We do not advise applying paint on aluminum siding by brush and roller for the simple reason that the house will look like it has been painted, and may peel off if not done right.

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Steps and methods

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